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FileBot 4.9.1

Copy file filebot.jar from "C:\Program Files\FileBot\jar" to another folder (Documents, for example) and put patch next to it, apply it and then copy the file filebot.jar back to install folder.

FileBot 4.9.1

@geminibecoming Have you checked in folder C:\Program Files\FileBot\jar If the patching is correct, then also a backup of the original file named filebot.dvt.bak.jar should be present in the folder.

Thank you! I downloaded both versions of java and the patch kit opened. Unfortunately its still not allowing my to unlock filebot. Im just wondering what im doing wrong. I have the patch in the download folder and im opening it, navigating to the drive that filebot is on and executing the patch. filebot.dvt.bak.jar comes is now present in the Jar folder but its still is asking my to paste license key

This docker is nice however I don't want the automated execution of filebot. I would rather it be triggered by my torrent program. Is there a way to disable the execution interval? Perhaps setting the interval to 0 accomplishes this but I didn't see anything in the documentation.

I didn't actually test your update as I assumed it was an issue with the jre in this docker. So I just tested your update to 4.9.1 and I'm still seeing the same issue when trying to execute a move. The issue is referenced here: -filebot/issues/23

@skinsvpn in the logs u see what happens when u trigger filebot, may give a try at filebot forums or at the filebot discord channel, the author is very helpful ... and when u paste the logs he can advice what went wrong or why this happens.

and may a tip for filebot related things, there is a filebot forum with alot howto's and a discord where the author is very helpful and active, just as note ... for filebot specific questions how todo this or that ... 041b061a72


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