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The characteristic hairpin structure of miRNA precursor can be used to predict novel miRNA. The novel miRNAs were predicted by Mireap software ( ) through mapping the precursor to goat genome sequences. Novel miRNAs presumed by exploring the secondary structure, the Dicer cleavage site and the minimum free energy of the unannotated small RNA reads. 35 potential novel miRNAs were detected in total, of which 8 potential novel miRNAs were co-expressed, 9 and 18 potential novel miRNAs were specifically expressed in the multiple and uniparous libraries, respectively (Additional file 6 and Additional file 7). The length of the novel miRNA sequences also ranged from 20 to 24 nt, and these novel miRNAs were not analyzed further, as their expression quantity were very low.

File Manager By Xiaomi: Release File VV1-180907 [Ad Free] [Latest]


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