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Strangers In Good Company Subtitles English

Netflix maintains strict procedures when it comes to governing subtitles, dubbing and closed caption translations. The company is also looking into using AI and NPL solutions that give translators a better base to begin with.

Strangers in Good Company subtitles English

Steve lives! That's good news. Nancy, Robin, and Eddie, wielding oars and flashlights, fight off the bats pecking away at his shirtless torso. Unfortunately, he's left with the kind of wound that likes to resurface in moments of peril, but we can ignore that for now. First stop: Nancy's house, where she's got guns stored in her closet. When they arrive, though, they realize that the Upside Down is stuck in the past. It's still November 6, 1983, the day Will disappeared in season 1, meaning Nancy's guns are nowhere to be found. While they're there, though, they realize that, just as Will once did with Christmas lights, they can communicate via electricity with Dustin and company, who are "corralled by the law" at the Wheeler's. 041b061a72


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