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Antonio Giacca - You Got The Love

"As you might know already, Amsterdam is the city I call home and where I have just bought my first house. It's also the city where my girlfriend and my cat live (the two biggest loves of my life, haha). After weeks of touring I always love coming back there even if it's just for a couple of nights. While I love spending the night on the sofa watching Netflix, Amsterdam offers so many cool and romantic spots outside of my own home. I just moved to the other side of the city so I'm still finding out about all the good stuff here, but my favorite spots right now include Bar Spek, Ron's Gastrobar and The Seafood Bar."

Antonio Giacca - You Got The Love

"Every year in January I try to take a few weeks off touring and music to recharge in a country I've never been able to explore before. This year I went on a trip to South Africa with my girlfriend, making our way up from Cape Town to Durban through the Garden Route. We rented a car and just drove and made stops along the way. I loved the country and South Africa has some amazing romantic spots to discover. Especially Cape Town and it's surroundings are awesome, for example the Stellenbosch Vineyards. Hey, can you think of a better combination than wine and romance?"

"Schiphol Airport is the airport of Amsterdam and also the place from where I fly across the globe to tour. It's also the place I fly home to to see the people that matter to me most again. The airport just has a special place in my heart. Every time when you walk into the arrivals terminal you see people waiting on their loved ones to return and when you go to the departures terminal you see people crying and saying goodbye to each other. It's no wonder the Dutch feel-good Christmas TV show "All You Need Is Love" is often filmed here."

"This Spanish city simply has a special place in my heart. I've been there with my girlfriend a lot of times and every time we keep discovering new awesome spots, places to eat and parties to go to. I think the coolest thing about Barcelona is that it has everything in one: great food, lovely beaches, awesome architecture, culture, shopping, a bustling nightlife and a really cool old city center."

"Just like my girlfriend and I went to South Africa this year, we hit up Australia last year. I had never been there before and I fell in love with the country the moment we landed. It was sort of a mixed holiday with me playing shows and then having a few days to relax in between. While I was technically still touring, Australia made me relax like never before and enabled me to recharge myself for the busy year that was 2016."

C-Mauricio: I started DJing when i was about 15. For Christmas, I got a toy mixer that I started messing around with and ever since then I have not stopped. I also loved watching Tomorrowland on YouTube and was hooked the moment I watched it.

C-Mauricio: To be honest, I love all genres of music. To me no genre is off limits and I am open to anything. However, I do prefer music that makes me want to dance as opposed to jumping up and down. If I were to name a few of my favorites it would have to be Bass House, Deep House, Trap ,Dubstep, and even Jungle Terror. 041b061a72


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