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Early Facebook Commercial (1995)

In April 2004, Facebook's ad sales effort, which was led by co-founder Eduardo Saverin, was an example of an early commercial use of social media. The ad rates were as low as $1 per 1,000 impressions and Facebook offered its services to companies who wanted to advertise themselves through this platform. Facebook enabled companies to create targeted advertisements based on a variety of consumer-related factors such as college/university, degree type, sexual orientation, age, personal interests, and political views. Companies were also provided with an up-to-the-minute ad performance tracking service and had rates that differed depending on the type of advertisement (run-of-site ads, targeted ads, etc.).[38]

Early Facebook Commercial (1995)

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The first commercial launch of 3G technology was deployed for the public by NTT Docomo in Japan in 2001. 3G networks implemented new technology and protocols that offered significantly faster data transfer capabilities, which improved connectivity, call quality, and connection speed, including 30 times higher rates (3 Mbps) on average than that of 2G (0.1 Mbit/s).[41] When 3G infrastructure launched more broadly in 2002, its networks continued to develop in not only quality and speed but also range and volume, setting the early commercial foundations of the mobile Internet.[42]

Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs)Chicago's great blizzard of early 1978 spawned a new means of virtual communication for literal shut-ins: The computer bulletin board system, or BBS. Unlike commercial online services aimed at a national audience, many BBSs were local affairs run by hobbyists, often limited to just one user at a time. But they provided downloadable files and applications as well as a forum to post messages for other members, and some of the larger BBSs grew to rival the commercial online services in size and scope, either separately or in BBS networks such as FidoNet.

Web-based communities"Community" was the watchword of early commercial Web sites. It's hard to establish where this began, but one early example was (launched in 1995), which had its Table Talk forum and bought the WELL with its legacy community from the old Bay Area BBS days. 350c69d7ab


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