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Already known as the bible of tubes and tube amps, The Tube Amp Book is now even better. This deluxe revised edition features 40% new material including a CD-ROM of circuit diagrams plus a dramatically improved design and page layout. The book


Radiotron Designer's Handbook, Langford-Smith. Heavy theory, heavy technical. Not coffee table reading, but if you want to know, it's probably in there. This book is perhaps the most highly sought after tube related book, and commonly goes for $75-$100 in good shape. You want the 4th edition.

Learn about the manual and safety aspects of working on tube amplifier circuits. Read the ARRL handbook, or better yet, get to know a ham radio operator who will give you some guidance and teaching. Do not skimp on the safety aspects. Tube circuits contain deadly voltages. You can - * DIE * - if you mess up or are careless. It is your personal responsibility to learn how to do this safely.

I also have Dan Torres' "inside tube amps" which i've learned a lot more about how individual amp components work (preamps, phase splitters, transformers, etc.) but most of the book uses classic fenders and the old marshalls as examples. Still very informational.

If you are completely new to tube amps, it will likely take more than one book and other reading to get the gist of their workings. Aiken Amplification's webpage has been VERY useful as far as tech articles, as well as's forums and tech info.

Yes I have this book. Dave Hunter has a myspace site where he updates/corrects his DIY schematic. You can also order a kit, although he seems to have halted orders currently? Anyhow, It's a great book. It's essentially.. all a "Guitar amp maker" NEEDS to know about tube amps, boiled down to laymans terms. I haven't built the kit, but I can now look at schematics and have a broad understanding of what's going on in regards to "signal flow". I'm on the verge of converting an old phono tube amp currently, for use with guitar which is incredibly similar in capability to his design. For those with out the book.. The end of it runs you through building a modified Fender Champ (5f2a) type design. Check out his myspace site for more info.

Whether you are a dedicated audiophile who wants to gain a more complete understanding of the design issues behind a truly great amp, a professional electronic designer seeking to learn more about the art of amplifier design, or looking to page through the use of amps through music history, guaranteed there is a book here for you. The selection includes books on; audio amplifiers, stereo amplifiers, speaker amplifiers, tube amplifiers, yamaha amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, portable amplifiers, the list goes on.


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