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Principles Of Biology Access Ebook [BEST]

This course covers the fundamental principles of microbiology, which includes the characteristics of bacteria, archaea, eukaryotes, and viruses; cell functions; chemical and physical control methods of microbial growth; and interactions between microbes and humans in relation to pathology, immunology, and the role of normal biota. The laboratory experience focuses on microbiological techniques including culturing, microscopy, staining, identification, and control of microorganisms. Two 120-minute laboratories are required.

principles of biology access ebook

"Systems biology is based on the idea that engineered and evolved systems share common principles. Here, Alon (Weizmann Inst. of Science, Rehovot) elucidates three of the major principles... This book is a compendium of many different experiments. Together, they show that biological systems do obey these design principles." --P. Cull, Oregon State University, CHOICE connect (57:5, Jan 2020)

The book features an all-encompassing approach: the fundamental science of phosphorus (chemistry, geochemistry, mineralogy, biology), key aspects of its environmental behaviour and mobility, industrial applications (treatment, removal, recovery) and the principles behind such applications, novel biotechnologies and, importantly, it also addresses socio-economic issues which often influence implementation and the ultimate success of any new technology.

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